Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Kid Beds

So, about three months ago, we bought "big kid beds" for Abby and Avery. Since Abby was five years old, we figured it was weird for her to still sleep in a toddler bed (even though she fit just fine). Also, her friend came over one day and said, "Wow, Abby. You have a small bed." Like in a monotone "wow" voice, not in a mocking voice, but still....

And so we headed out to Ikea, because I love that place, and found ourselves some new beds. We ended up finding two identical twin beds, but in white for Abby and in black for Avery. Avery's was on sale, but Abby's was not. Apparently they weren't identical after all. But they are cute, and they are big kid beds.

Now I'm slowly, slowly decorating the rooms and trying to make one of them sporty (my choice) and the other one fancy (Abby's choice). The fancy room is also supposed to be a princess room, but I'm not into themes such as that and we're compromising. Compromising as in, "I'm doing what I want, because I have the money in my wallet."

So here are a few pictures to let you know what I'm going for:

This is the color scheme, but my camera is hard to adjust to get a true picture. I think they look much prettier in person. They've got the colors right and the theme, so I love them. I got these signs clearanced at Michael's, so the thrifty side of me is happy as well.

This is the big girl bed. The comforter is a leftover from the toddler bed, but it sort of fits into the color scheme, though not the princess theme. For now, it works, but I hope to make her another quilt eventually. But you can ask my mom, Abby shouldn't hold her breath on that one.

And this is another sign that I made for Abby's room. I found all the wood picture cut-out thingies clearanced at Michael's, and the white board was in the "Handyman" section of Ikea. Another thrifty decoration! You can also see the pretty lavendar color we painted the walls in this picture.


Has anyone else been decorating lately? I would love to get links to your blog and see the pictures if so!


mumsy said...

You have my permission to make Abby's quilt first...after all, no one ever sees my room. She deserves a new quilt. Can hardly wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I wanted Rori's to be girly and frilly, I didnt want it to have a specific character theme BUT grammy let her pick ou big girl bedding for her birthday..and she picked Dora...I wanted the bedspread Abby has and I wanted to accent her room with pictures and pillows of her favorite characters if I absolutely had to include cartoons in the master plan...I gave up I let her pick sheets out the other day...super monkey...they are pink and purple striped with stars and a monkey on them...yeah...I think I give up...she does have the valance that goes with Abby's bedspread I won there! chrissie

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