Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Two Year Old

It's official - we have another 2 year old in our house! Ethan's birthday is today, which is good news. Too bad the "too bad list" is longer than the good news list...

  • Too bad I had such a hard time getting Ethan a birthday cake today. Yes, I should have ordered it yesterday as the bakeries suggest - but I did not. After all, what store wouldn't have a chocolate cake decorated in a non-flowery, non-pink and purple way, sitting right there in the bakery section?? Well, all of the stores in town for one. And the bakeries. I never realized before today that the cake business is geared entirely towards women. Those giant globs of icing shaped like roses are never made with men (or little boys) in mind. I actually had to leave town to get a cake with a clown on it.
  • Too bad my computer is still busted and I cannot access any pictures of little Ethan, or even add new pictures of him. You guys (or guy) will just have to imagine what he looks like today as he turns two.
  • Too bad I forget to ask the bakery people to write "Happy Birthday Ethan!" on the clown cake. I realized this on the way home. So, I wrote it on myself!
  • Too bad we no longer own a pastry bag. But! I can use a plastic baggy with the end snipped off!
  • Too bad Daniel used the very last plastic baggy we had this very morning for his lunch. Oh well, at least my mom keeps those things around. I borrowed one from her and all was well.
  • Too bad the cake now looks like a giant pigeon flew over it. You know that plastic baggy idea? It seems that sometimes the zipper-end pops open as you are piping letters from that snipped end, and frosting silently plops out onto your cake.
  • Too bad that frosting was a yucky, bird-poopish green color. Thats all I could make with the food coloring I have in my pantry.

But, at least I have a sweet little monkey baby to celebrate his birthday with. That's way more than I could have hoped for a mere 6 years ago (not to mention the two older kids!). This may be the last 2 year old birthday I ever celebrate as a mom, so I'm just going to enjoy it. I think this may be the last year I can get by with only giving him 3 presents, anyway...


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