Friday, January 16, 2009

200! And An Argument.

This is my 200th post! Who knew I would have so much to ramble about?

While my computer is still being repaired (thank goodness for warranties!), Daniel and I got in an argument today that just could not wait to be solved. Now this was not a knock-down kind of fight, but it was a bend over backwards, turn your elbows the wrong way kind of argument. You see, I am double-jointed. Daniel does not believe me.

Since I was a little kid, I was able to sit comfortably (and preferred to) in ways that were impossible to other people. I can touch any part of my back with my hands, I can put one hand over my shoulder and one hand under my opposite shoulder and touch them together. I can sit on my knees and lay all the way back on the floor. Gee, what more proof do you need?

Daniel says I am just flexible. *ahem* That is actually sort of the definition of double-jointed. According to Wise Geek, being double-jointed "simple means that your joints... are unusually flexible, enabling you to bend or rotate them in ways that other people find impossible and painful." I can do this. I am double-jointed.

I think Daniel is just jealous. He can never wash his own back completely without some sort of device on a stick. He can never kick himself in the face. He cannot do a proper plie, like this guy:

How sad. At least Abby has the makings for a double-jointed person. Of course, Daniel says that's just because she's a kid, and all kids are flexible. I won't even tell you how flawed that argument would be in my philosophy class.

So, is anyone else double-jointed? What can you do?


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