Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why Kids Need Grandparents

So I can get a break! Just kidding....

Now, I know lots of kids do not have grandparents. I don't want to upset anyone who is in that situation. However, since Daniel and I had kids at a fairly young age, our kids almost have too many grandparents. Lately I've been realizing how nice it is to have them around.

My kids have a Nana, 3 Grandmas, a Mamaw, a Grandpa, and a Hairy Grandpa (he's the one that's not bald). Three of those grandparents are great grandparents.

Well, earlier this week Avery spent the night at his Grandma's house. She took him to Chick-Fil-A, the library, and Target. She bought him one of those spinning light/snowglobe/thingies that I refuse to waste money on. She let him run around Chick-Fil-A's playground - which I would never do if Chick-Fil-A wasn't so darn yummy. She even let him in a library. That I do not do, because Avery is still at the too loud-too hyper-too much of a pain stage. Plus, he tends to tear up books that we do not already own.

Then today my mom and I took the kids to Big Lots. She is much, much more lenient about letting the kids freely roam the toy aisles than I am. She is also much, much more likely to buy them stuff than I am.

So, there's one reason kids need grandparents. To let them do things they normally do not get the chance to do, even if it is only because they have a little brother just 1 year younger and a sister just 2 years older and that's too much for Mommy to handle in public. *phew* What a long sentence!

Another reason is to buy them things. I'm kidding, of course, but I sure do appreciate it when Grandma or Nana shows up with new jammies or jeans or sweaters for the kids. I also happen to know that the kids appreciate the toys that Nanas and Grandmas buy them.

But really, I think the main reason that kids need grandparents is just to have someone other than their parents that loves them and lets them hang around their house a lot. For some reason, this is just immensely fun to my kids. Any trip to Nana's house or Grandma's house is the greatest thing ever. Even if it's just to drop something off for a few seconds. Also, every toy at Nana and Grandma's house is better than the toys at our house. Even if they're the exact same toy.

There are lots of other reasons that my kids love their grandparents. Nana has about a million pens and innumerable scrap papers on which to write and draw. Grandma always has hard candy stashed away in her pantry, and she gives the kids soda (which they are not allowed to have). Another Grandma has stairs that are fun to climb up and slide down. Mamaw has a real cat and a dog statue.

Whatever the reason, grandparents are great!


Anonymous said...

Grandparents need grandkids too! You need to do a post on that topic. I will gladly give you reasons why we need the kids...just ask. They make our world complete!!

Anonymous said...

we need grandkids so that we can get the enjoyment we missed with our own kids but missed because we were too busy trying to raise you right. Which meant we had to be tough and strict and just plain mean.not because we wanted to be but we had to with the grandkids we get to spoil love and give into them then send them home to you. love grandpaw.

Sara M. said...

I thought you 2 might say that....

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