Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Fridays - Conversations With Avery

I've had many funny conversations with Avery lately. He seems to be going through an identity crisis...

Today at the grocery store, he started thinking out loud. "I wish I was Diego," he said. But apparently, he just wants to be Diego so Abby can be Alisha.

A few days ago he started asking me about growing up:

Avery: "Mommy, when I grow up, will I be big?"

: "Yup."

: "Mommy, when I'm a growed-up, can I drive a car?"

: "You sure can."

: "Can I drive your van?"

: "Well, I hope to have a new vehicle by then..."

: "Mommy, when I grow up, can I have mine own car?"

: "Probably. What kind of car would you like when you grow up?"

: "I'm going to have a green and yellow car. A hot car." (He means he wants flames
painted on the side)

: "Sounds interesting. What kind of job are you going to have when you grow up?"

: "I'm going to fix things. Like my hot car."

At least he has goals.


Anonymous said...

I know he wishes he was Diego. Thursday at my house, he kept telling me he was Diego. Every time I called him Avery, he told me his name is Diego. He has also been "fixing things" here - thermostats, oven knobs, door locks...

Jill said...

Love his goals! And quite frankly, he's chosen a good career, because cars will ALWAYS need to be repaired! (Linked to you through Beck - cute blog! I am in Ohio too!)

Sara M. said...

to Mumsy,
Isn't having grandsons fun??

to Jill,
Hopefully HOT cars will also always need repaired!

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