Monday, February 18, 2008

He's My Boy

This past weekend was another one of those weekends. While the kids seem to be getting better from their sicknesses, mine hasn't really gone anywhere at all, and Daniel is off and on with his own form of sickness. Well, now the kids are acting sick again. This has been the sickest winter ever for us - an award we're very reluctant to accept.

Yesterday was Sunday, and since only Avery and I appeared to be well, we headed off to church. This was after a lot of bathing and dressing and coercing. We finally got in the car, nice and clean, neat and tidy, and ready for church. Since eating was not a part of our getting ready for church that morning, we were forced to stop at Tim Horton's for donuts and iced cappuccinos (just kidding, only one!!) on the way to church, despite having barely enough time to get to church before the Sunday school class I teach starts.

Everything is going great. Avery's got donut holes, and we're within a couple miles of our church, with 5 minutes to spare! Avery's in the back seat talking and singing and acting Averyly, so I have the rear view mirror adjusted so I can watch him be Averyly (safe, I know.). I watch him stuff an entire donut hole in his mouth. Despite my warning to "be careful," he starts to slowly, slowly choke on that donut. The bad thing is, I didn't even think "Oh my gosh, my son is choking!" I thought more about him spitting the whole thing out and where it would go. That's also an Averyly behavior.

Well, he spit it out alright, along with all the other donut holes he already had in his belly. He "spit" them out all over the front of his coat, his pants, his shirt, and his carseat. Did I mention we're within a mile or so of church and have 5 minutes to spare?

He's crying, saying he threw up his "donut balls." I'm trying to comfort him, keep him from getting it anywhere else but his seat, and drive all at the same time. Moms are definitely multi-taskers. I pull over to see what can be done to get this kid to church. Hmmm... Nothing. Nothing at all. So I attempt to clean up the mess with the two napkins Tim Horton's gave us, some wipes, and a plastic bag. I also have to turn my head every few seconds to prevent myself from adding to the mess. I have a very weak stomach for these things.

So, I finally give up and take Avery's pants and coat off, and sit him in Ethan's carseat. Thank goodness we have three carseats crammed into our backseat!! I cover him in a blanket, and we head to church.

At church I have already decided to head home, but I need to find someone to cover my Sunday school class. Well, when I get there I feel guilty for planning on leaving, so I run around the bottom floor looking for pants for my kid, and a friend is running around the top floor looking for pants. There are no pants in our church.

So, I have a half-naked Avery in my arms, a huge picnic blanket wrapped around him, and he smiles up at me and says "I'm hungry, Mommy." We leave church early, and head back to Tim Hortons.


Oh Joy! said...

You're hilarious... and head back to Tim's... wow... yer a brave soul!

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