Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 Bad Things and 1 Good Thing

This weekend was just horrible. Yucky and bad. All 3 kids, Daniel, and I were sick with (I guess) the flu. Now everyone knows how bad it is to be sick. Everyone with kids knows how bad it is to have even one sick child, let alone 3 at once. But really, can you ever get over being sick, and having 3 sick kids at once? I've never actually done this before, and I hope to never, ever, ever, ever do it again.

So that's the 5 bad things (5 sick people). Now for the one good thing. Daniel was just really, really awesome this weekend. He cooked (even though no one wanted to eat, exactly), he washed dishes, he did laundry, he put away the laundry, he cleaned up throw up, he cleaned up barf, he cleaned up vomit, and he generally did everything else. What on earth would I do without him??

Daniel does react differently to being sick than I do, and he always has since I've known him. When I throw up, I feel much worse and know for sure that I am sick as can be. When Daniel throws up, he's happy because he feels better and knows that he's getting better. When I'm sick I don't like to be touched or even talked to. When he's sick, Daniel wants to be cuddled and paid lots of attention to. When I encounter sick kids, I get sick myself (just at the sight). When Daniel encounters sick kids, he just cleans them & gets on with what he was doing.

While I was sick, lying on the couch and not eating, Daniel was sick, holding two sick kids in bed and eating eggrolls. Not all at the same time, but you get the point.... Thank goodness for Daniel.


Oh Joy! said...

Gosh! What would you do without your mailman? ;)

Anonymous said...

You are very blessed! Thank God for great husbands! I hope you all get better and don't have to go through that for a very long time.

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