Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I Guess This is a Pretty Bad Track Record.

Umm.... I sort of forgot to post anything here for almost a year!!! That was weird....
But, in my defense, I was waiting for something new to blog about. I didn't think that had happened yet, but let's see what has been going on in our house since last summer:

  • Avery started preschool, and developed a preschool crush. I think he's way too young for this, but what can I do? The boy's a stud.
  • Abby started first grade, and is doing excellent. She's quite the reader, and adores math (what the heck?) and gym (what the heck?).
  • Ethan started potty training - two days ago. I'm really not looking forward to going through this whole process again already,or having no more babies with diapers in our house. That's why I waited so darn long to teach this kid to go to the potty. I hate it already.
  • Abby started Girl Scouts - she's a Daisy. I was an assistant leader, but as of a couple days ago I'm now the leader. She's still selling cookies, if anyone needs them :o)
  • Daniel started back to school, and will have his very own degree in something in a couple of years. He keeps changing his mind, and then changing his mind back and not telling me, so that's why I say he will have a degree in something.
  • I thought I would be graduating myself last December, but that didn't happen. Now I will (I promise) be graduating in May. Then I will hopefully start teaching somewhere, and actually make money being around kids all day. Then it will be back to school for a Master's degree.
  • I haven't sent out our Christmas cards yet. I have them. I just have them in a box, as opposed to having them in an envelope and in a mailbox, and eventually in someone else's mailbox. Maybe I'll scratch out "Merry Christmas", and write in "Happy Easter". Perhaps that is why so many people want to change the saying from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays" - lazy people.
Seriously, I think that's about it for us. I thought nothing happened, and maybe it did not. That list is awfully short, after all. Oh well, to fill up some space, here are some pictures from the past 9 months:

Avery, as the "What d' ya want??" shepherd in his preschool Christmas pageant.

The prince, the princess, and the pea. Halloween night.

Ethan thoroughly enjoying the snow!

Abby and Avery at Disney on Ice.


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